About Us

WRH Global Rus OOO has been operating since 1993 as one of 20 subsidiaries of Swiss Walter Reist Holding AG together with Ferag AG and Denipro AG and focuses in automation of industrial processes, starting at the packaging.

WRH Holding which has developed over 60 years, specialised in Product/material processing, breaking the boundaries of innovation to provide from stand-alone equipment to comprehensive turn-key material processing systems. Our systems and equipment process products in the sectors of Graphic arts, Printing, packaging, Food, Logistics, Pharma and general material handling.

Apart from promoting technology of Ferag AG and Denipro AG, we represent a carefully selected portfolio of additional trade partners, all of them being leaders in their own field.

Understanding the needs of our customers is key to our organisation. Greater efficiency, productivity, less energy our all pre-requisites of our customer approach. Long term, fruitful established partnerships are alive and well today with our customers.