Sortec systems handle practically everything. Just 3 cm high folding boxes or bulky 50 kgs cardboard containers such as paper-tissue packs or bundles. Further, these systems also sort luggage. All this is done at high conveyor speeds.

For the Logistics Industry

The installation of several systems above each other or side by side allows particularly space-saving sorting at special applications, even as rotator or turner of boxes, cartons, cates, cases or packs like food packs, shrink packs or six packs.

Sortec sorting solutions are designed and built for a reliable continuous operation by the pusher. Further they are made for a high throughput capacity of large and small containers, be it chemical packs, trays or paper-tissue packs.

The system is offered in two versions for special logistic solutions: The version with two paddles - as shown here - achieves a capacity of about 7,000 units per hour. Equipped with three guiding boards more than 9,000 units/hour can be sorted.

For the Beverage Industry

At the time Sortec began to develop its first generation of rejection systems for the beverage industry the task was to transfer more or less uniform boxes, beverage crates or beverage packs like six packs.

Today there is an increasing variety of boxes and packs of different weights passing along the conveyor belt. On top of that is the need for gentle product handling by the divider. Sensitive logos or thin-walled corrugated cardboard packages, cartons or shrink packs must not by damaged by the sorter.

Sorting became more and more difficult. For several years now Sortec masters the sophisticated transfer of this challenging mix - even at variable speeds. Sorting solutions manage to move the containers and crates in such a manner that they are always delivered exactly to their scheduled position by the diverter.

According to preset parameters Sortec systems guarantee that a pack is conveyed with appropriate acceleration and suitable speed to the center of the parallel lane, without being twisted or touching the opposite guide rail.

Sortec 01
Sortec 02