Rollers and chains pallet conveyors

To complement its wide range of wrapping machines, Pieri is also able to offer conveying systems for palletized loads with roller and chain conveyors. Pieri designs and manufactures motorized roller and chain conveyors, of all dimensions, personalised upon customer’s request. Depending on the type of the product, PIERI, thanks to its long running experience, is able to propose functional and complete solutions for every requirements. The project is developed according to definite and optimized criteria for a perfect line efficiency: in changing for example the diameter and pitch of the rollers or the height and width of the conveyor. PIERI can offer from floor level conveyors to chain conveyors with 2, 3, 4 or 5 chains. The manufacture of conveying systems uses only high quality materials and components, its steel frame and adjustable feet ensure stability and robustness even during the transportation.

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PIERI represents in Europe one of the most renowned companies in the design and production of wrapping machines and conveying systems for palletized loads.

Founded in 1973 by Sauro Pieri, company was created to meet the primary need of logistics to protect goods from damage during the handling on pallets and the freight transport. Technical evolution of PIERI machines started from manual pallet wrapping machines, then semi-automatic up to the present fully automatic systems, in the rotating table, arm and ring version, and to the integrated turnkey installations.